Training of Trainers – Advanced

$418.35 z VAT



During the training (at this level) you will learn a variety of skills and techniques that will help you develop your competencies and attitudes. Examples of good and bad practices and an atmosphere conducive to learning will be discussed.

You will learn how to deal with mistakes and how to design and plan learning. Practicing the skills in practice and identifying the goals and attitudes you want to learn will also be important.

You will learn about organizational, logistical, implementation and content determinants, as well as relationship research. Ways to design the development of your competencies and attitudes will also be discussed, as well as observation and analysis techniques.

During the training you will have the opportunity to learn how to deal with difficult situations and how to build motivation to achieve goals. You will also learn about different roles in a team and discuss ways to improve argumentation, including through the use of argumentative feedback.