Train the Facilitators Course Intro

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Facylitator to osoba, której kluczowymi kompetencji w pracy z grupami jest prowadzenie procesów dochodzenia do konsensusu, do rozwiązania problemów w zespołach przy wykorzystaniu zasobów danego zespołu. Sprawdź to!



ITFF Facilitators Academy- Train the Facilitators Course Intro

Introduction to the Facilitation Course

Is leading facilitation sessions for you? Is this topic interesting to you? Check it out!

The INTRO Facilitation Course is an introduction to key issues in the development of group work competencies necessary for every leader, expert, manager, or educator who wants to implement change through better group management, meetings, facilitation sessions, questioning, and problem-solving. During the 9 lessons of the facilitation course, you will get to know the subject matter, issues, and basic elements, as well as the style of conducting the course and the trainers.

Become a facilitator and start your developmental path in new competencies.

Enter the pathway of the introductory course to facilitation, levels 1 and 2, to gain knowledge and new skills in the field of facilitation and conducting facilitation sessions.

Who is the Intro Facilitation Course for?

The INTRO Facilitation Course is a short educational form for every specialist, expert who has experience and is building their expert knowledge in training and facilitation. For Managers, Scrum Masters, coordinators, leaders who conduct meetings and work with teams. For everyone, regardless of industry, who wants to face the challenges of leading facilitation sessions in a business context.

This facilitation course develops basic competencies, introduces the subject matter, and addresses issues. It is an introduction to the topic.

General Program:

The INTRO Facilitation Course consists of 9 industry lessons, arranged in three thematic modules:

In this course, we introduce the subject of facilitation, including:

What is facilitation and when to use it?
Why choose facilitation?
Methods of facilitation.
Differences between facilitation, training, and team coaching.
Open and closed questions.
Emotions in the work of a facilitator and what to do after entering a company, a client.

You can find the program: Here


You save time. You probably wanted to verify if leading facilitation sessions and facilitation tools are for you, so you can do it from home without having to travel.

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You save money: currently for symbolic price, usually at the equivalent cost of a meal for two in a restaurant with a beautiful view, you get unlimited access to education that builds your competencies, from which you can profit.

You will avoid common mistakes in working with people, which can impact your image as a facilitator. Instructors:

Aleksandra Bukowska: Linkedin

Edyta Kwiatkowska: Linkedin

Radosław Czekan: Linkedin

Additional Information:

The course is conducted in a format of condensed VOD lessons, allowing you to participate in lessons and topics in the order you choose.

You can complete it faster or spread the classes over a longer period depending on your possibilities.

You will receive support from the Course Guardian in case of questions. After purchase, you have unlimited access to the course.