Gaining just 100 pioneers separate us from...We are looking for 100 trainers who are interested in the G Suite for a Business package from Google in the industry domain

Use a professional email address and your favorite Gmail at the same time. Join us and contribute to a decentralized federation, have an impact on the development of your community!

See how much you gain 
by being a member of ITFF

Upper level

being a member of an industry network, you increase the likelihood of finding the perfect customers

International Image

as a member of the international community, you are opening up new opportunities for cooperation


as an ITFF member, you can get accreditation and validate your skills through an international organization


Professional designs

soon trainers will be able to use the graphic design generator to personalize training kit, business cards and other tools for everyday work

Trainer tools

being an accredited member, you have access to tools supporting you in everyday tasks, such as evaluation surveys, ISO documents. 

Self-presentation and training

by joining ITFF, you can create your business card page and present your best training in a special database

The trainer's work is dynamic, it requires interaction through various channels: you don't always meet face to face, you often talk on the phone, hold video conferences, chat. That is why it is so important that the applications you use are integrated. Only then do they facilitate your daily tasks. If you want to work efficiently and have an e-mail that immediately highlights what you do, go for the G Suite package and e-mail at - available only to ITFF members!

Every day you will enjoy: 


- user-friendly email program without ads. 

Google Hangouts Chat i Google Hangouts Meet

- improving communication. 

Google Drive

- 30 GB of space where you can store files, edit them and share them with colleagues and clients. 

Google Docs i Google Sheets

- every day simplifiers, allowing you to create documents, work together on them in real-time and determine their final shape. 

Google Keep

- a simple application that organizes ideas and transforms them into notes, to-do lists, and reminders.

Google Calendar

- a transparent application that will help you stay organized.

G Suite has proven itself in