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The purpose of the Professional Certified Trainer & Facilitator accreditation is not to display it on a wall in a beautiful setting, but to secure your future. One of the biggest concerns of training participants is: what if the chosen trainer will have low competences or lack of expert knowledge. Accreditation from the organization uniting trainers and having in the Management Board people who have shaped the market for training services for over 10 years and only in Poland trained almost 800 knowledge trainers, gives them a sense of confidence in the choice they make. The entire ITFF accreditation process and requirements that must be met can be found at the bottom of the page.

What do you gain as an accredited ITFF member?

PCTF accreditation certificate 

Your experience will be confirmed by one of the largest organizations that link professional trainers.

Present your training offer 

You will present the full range of your training on the dedicated industry platform that allows users to conveniently search for attractive courses.

Presence in ITFF newsletters 

Your training will appear in newsletters sent to platform users - people seeking training. This way you will gain additional promotion and direct access to a potential customer.

Membership of the ITFF Council

You will gain the opportunity to shape the community, you will have an impact on the development of a platform bringing together trainers from around the world.

Generate certificates

Only accredited ITFF members have full rights to use the material generator, including the ability to generate e-certificates for their training. Available soon.

Sending evaluation surveys 

We know how important it is to receive feedback, so you will be able to generate surveys directly in your panel. You will get dedicated templates and the ability to
monitor results.

How to get accreditation?
It starts with completing the form and sending a set of documents, the supervisor assesses the submitted application. The whole accreditation process is online, also conversation with the supervisor. The process takes from 3 to 30 days.
How much does accreditation cost?
Accreditation costs 300 euros for 3 years. This includes coaching supervision, profile distinguishing on the platform and administrative fee. Once a year, we conduct a survey verifying compliance with previously confirmed standards. We want to make sure that you keep developing.

How does the accreditation process work?

Accreditation is a demanding process, but we assure you that at every step you will meet people who put your development first.

You fill out the form and attach documents confirming your competences

You make payments

The supervisor interviews you

Submitted documents and result of a conversation with the supervisor are subjected to a thorough analysis

You receive a decision with a justification via e-mail

You get a certificate and a certificate badge on or precise tips on what you should change and how to do it, to get accreditation in the near future

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What do you gain as an accredited ITFF member?

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