ITFF - people who don't wait but act

We are an organization that devotes all its attention and heart to e-learning and the development of trainers and facilitators. We initiated the creation of the platform to focus the knowledge, energy, and creativity of the best trainers, STEM experts, educators and academic teachers from around the world, in one place. We hope you will join us - as our sympathizer, member or accredited member.

Our strengths

Focus on the goal 

trainers are a team of people who prove every day that education is sexy. We connect remote training seekers with the best knowledge trainers. We provide trainers with tools for everyday work: a platform for effective sales, personal profiles to strengthen the brand, an e-learning base

International projects 

we know that the future is an open exchange of best practices between trainers from around the world. We base our experience on research and development projects. We conducted the first educational research in California, seminars in France and supervision in Italy, we were hosted by the European Parliament.


International Organization

we don't believe in borders. Our organization is the sum of the experience of many trainers, and our activity is international. We form a global federation connecting EMEA, AMER and APAC regions. Regardless of where you are, you can join us.

The power of technology

the world is at your fingertips.
Thanks to the use of technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we have created a platform connecting trainers with knowledge seekers. We give trainers the opportunity to build a digital brand ideally suited to the needs of clients.

Strong numbers

over 1000 trained trainers and facilitators. 80 editions of the train the trainer's courses. 8 training festivals. 10 powerful companies and organizations supporting the vision with their know-how and resources.

We believe in meritocracy

Together, we shape the community through referendums, deciding on the direction of development. We know that trainers are individualists, but we don't want them to have to act alone. We want you to co-create

Team & advisors

Martyna Maurin

Karolina Mikołajczak

Science & education

Mateusz Stasiak

Enterprise Development & Management, IT & new technologies, Science & education

Aleksandra Przybysz

Support team

ITFF Council

ITFF is an organization whose power is not concentrated in the hands of several people. We create a community - true, equality-based, supportive and listening. That is why trainers from each region elect their representatives to the ITFF Council in a referendum.

Juan Perez

John Doe

Jose Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Hernandez

Alex Smith

Juan Quispe

Patrick Uwimana

Mario Rossi

Kalle Svensson

Jean Dupont

Israel Israeli

Mohammed Ali

Joe Bloggs

Jan Nowak

Fred Nerk

Wu Wang

Taro Yamada

Somchai Saetang

Kao Ah Tan

Joni Sari

John Smith

Hong Gil-dong



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You can look at the membership page or contact us. We are happy to talk to you :) We are looking for leaders and representatives to the ITFF Council.