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Create a unique group that will impact everyday life of trainers from all over the world. We are currently looking for +15 trainers, facilitators and design thinkers from all over the world to create e-learning train the trainers course that will impact thousands of trainers, academics, managers, and entrepreneurs.

We are currently coding LMS system and producing e-learning courses in areas of:

1. Train the trainers

2. Design thinking

3. Train the facilitators

4. Case study

5. Problem Solving


We are science-driven and .evidence based trainers, we are currently recruiting experienced trainers in these fields. from all over the world – i.e. European Union, United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, UK, UAE.

Courses will be translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Polish in first phase of scaling.

Will you accept this challenge?

ITFF Institute and have conducted and implemented innovative education in the fields of didactics, train the trainers, facilitation, case study, problem solving and design thinking since 2009. 

We have designed, developed and conducted trainings and adult education for thousands of individuals, tech universities, companies and non-profit organizations.
We have worked and conducted r&d and educational projects worldwide (i.e. USA, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Malta).

We’e been recognized and awarded by:
1. School of Pionieers – and 3rd place in pitch contest in Berlin

2. 2nd place in 2019 in category “Educational company, Growth Dynamics”

3. Participant of “Startups in the Palace – Expansion” organized President’s of Poland Office

We’ve finished prototyping, MVP and testing phase. 

We are currently coding alfa version. 

This is the best time to join!

we are people

We are looking for trainers, design thinkers and facilitators with:

Science drive

We love science, evidence-based approach and data in learning and train the trainers.


We are experienced trainers with years of experience in education and business


Recording time will take around 1-4 days, we have got team that will take care of production.

E-learning skills

We will be recording essential learning short lessons (10-15 minutes long) on specific topics to all courses.


We are driven by curiosity, honesty, open-mindedness, skepticism and creativity. We want to solve global problems and give value to society.


Wages are negigiable and depend on number of days of recording, field of expertise, personal brand and other factors. We are focused on win-win approach.

We are currently looking for trainers and experts in didactics, train the trainers and train the facilitator, design thinking, case study and problem-solving in areas of:

  • group dynamics
  • train the trainers – tools and communication
  • facilitation – process structure
  • adult education
  • online teaching methodology
  • theories and best practices in train the trainers
  • public speaking structures and pointers
  • designing, evaluating, and conducting training and online training
  • case study method
  • design thinking ideation, generation,
  • prototyping especially in STEM
  • Brainstorming and brainwriting
  • Primary market research and problem statement definition
  • Execute and plan primary and secondary research in the design thinking process
  • Problem-solving techniques like 5W, Scamper, 6 Thinking Hats, SWOT, Ishikawa Diagram
  • Creativity topics
  • Critical thinking, critical analysis, morphological analysis

Our team of experts, IT, programmers and video creation team is preparing to launch online courses recording, as we are currently designing Learning Management System. Trainers will be speaking in either English, French, Japanese, German, Polish, Spanish, all of the courses will be translated into these languages. We are looking for trainers worldwide.

Our team of experts, IT, programmers, video creation team is preparing to launch online courses recording, as we are currently designing Learning Management System. Trainers will be speaking in either English, French, Japanese, German, Polish, Spanish, all of the courses will be translated into these languages. We are looking for trainers worldwide.


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ITFF - people who
don’t wait but act

We are organization that devotes all its attention and heart to e-learning and the development of trainers and facilitators. We initiated the creation of the platform to focus the knowledge, energy, and creativity of the best trainers, STEM experts, educators and academic teachers from around the world, in one place. We hope you will join us – as our sympathizer, member or accredited member.

Our strenghts

Focus on the goals

Our aim is to create e-learning hot spot for professional didactics and train the trainers go to place for trainers and consultants from all over the world. We want to redesign educational landscape and make didactics knowledge more available and utilitarian.

International Projects

We have started activities in 2009. During this time we have conducted hundreds of r&d and educational projects in Europe and USA. We have conducted facilitation projects for cities, and governments and with partnership with them (i.e. France, Germany, Italy, EU Parliament), corporations (i.e. banking, IT, startups, VCs), NGOs (i.e. Habitat for Humanity) and universities and tech universities (i.e. in Poland).

Decentralized and science driven

We take no borders into consideration. Our approach is to decentralize activities, operate in Americas, EMEA, APEC countries, with help of technology and science.
On the other hand we want to ensure quality and scientific approach.
Hybrid approach with decentralization and central institutes and formal groups that support the project is the driver of Trainers Org.

Wide curriculum and experiance

We are a sum of experiences of trainers that create ITFF and Trainers Org. As a collective and group of trainers we have been consulting for universities, tech companies, VC funds, software houses and IT companies, TSL and fintech, NGOs, governments and small and medium businesses.

Strong together

We have trained thousands of trainers, universities teachers and facilitators.
Due to Covid-19 and pandemics we want to transfer all of our activities into e-learning and use our expertise and create affordable and professional e-learning train the trainers experience.

European Union

We are startup that is being supported by ITFF Institute. Institute is located in European Union, but we are scaling globally into Americas & APAC countries.

Create train the trainers community with us

mama świata
we are

Join core ITFF trainers team

Create e-learning for audience around the world.
We have been working in the field of didactics – train the trainers, facilitation, design thinking, case study, project based learning, and research & development since 2009. We are currently looking for trainers and facilitators from all over the world.

We are currently coding and recording courses, feel free to reach out to us and join. 

We are science-driven and evidence based trainers and experts.  


Feel free to subscribe: stay in touch or join recruitment if your field of expertise is didactics, train the trainers, facilitation, case study or problem solving!

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Create train the trainers community with us!

Thank you for your time. Our team will analyze all applications and contact selected candidates. The next stages of recruitment will be flexibly adjusted to the candidate's level of experience and the content of the application.
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